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Teaching Language
We are the Chinese Medium School and use Cantonese as the first language and English as the second language, and depend on students' needs to adjust our teaching language.

Curriculum Design
We design our curriculum according to age, developmental needs and life experience of children, and optimize their potential through interesting activities. Besides, our curriculum integrates Hong Kong and Traditional Chinese cultrual element, in order to lead children to take their first step into Hong Kong society, and their needs are also the key for adjustment. 

​From school year 2014/15, we started the partnership with Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research (CACLER), Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong and Chinese Language curricular integration, in order to help Chinese speaking and non-Chinese speaking children learn and use Chinese with different skills (listening, speaking, recognizing reading and writing) through systematic curriculum organization, and bring out their knowledge from school to daily life
With the solid foundation of Chinese Language curricular integration, we and HKU brought out the newly designed school-based Science-Mathematic integrative activity in 2016/17, except for encouraging Chinese Language usage, we also stimulate children’s curiosity and build up their learning interest through exploration from the angle of daily life. Children do observation, inference, prediction, experiment and induction; understand the nature of things by undergoing their changes and differences, and lay the foundation for life long learning.
Learning / Teaching approach & activities
We employ thematic approach with various design integrative activities to teach children in difference domains, and conclude learning experience with project approach, in order to step by step stimulate their cognitive development, logical thinking skills and creativity from bottom to top.
We design learning activities base on themes and children learning interest, besides, we also teach through practice (like hot pot activity, food exploration, yum cha activity, library visiting, road crossing, shopping and posting, etc.) , outdoor learning (like library, museum & primary school visiting, etc.) , competitions, various celebrating activities, parent-child activities and school picnic every year.

We evaluate children through various activities, ongoing observation assessment, summative assessment, portfolio and project approach.

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